Migration to Canada

Would you like to be Immigrant in Canada?

First you need to determine your eligibility whether you are qualified or not? If you are qualified then which category?

Check your Eligibility:


Calculate your Comprehensive Ranking System CRS point:


Points & Marks calculator in FSW:


From 2015 Canada Government has changed it’s Migration program.

Program’s Name:

Express Entry.

Category Name:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSW):


  1. a) minimum 4 years Bachelor Degree
  2. b) 2 years professional job experience
  3. c) IELTS 6 each band
  4. d) Age within 45 years
  5. e) BDT 1000000 Bank solvency.
  1. Investor Program:


  1. a) Canadian local Business person needed to invest.
  2. b) Local person’s paid up capital should be BDT 2 crore.
  3. c) Your investment should be 1 Crore.
  4. d) Business agreement paper needed.
  5. e) IELTS 6 needed.
  1. Family sponsor Program:


  1. a) Sponsor must be Canadian Citizen/Permanent Residence.
  2. b) Candidate no need IELTS.
  3. c) Sponsor must be tax payer and financially very solvent.
  4. d) Sponsor can take his Father & mother, Spouse & Children.

What is Provincial Nomination Program(PNP):

Each provinces need some particular professional people from across the globe. So province can select people to recommend Federal Government to give him PR. If province nominate then candidate can get maximum 600 points.

Get all the documents you need:

  • your passport or travel document
  • your language testresults
  • your valid written job offerfrom an employer in Canada, if you have one
  • your provincial nomination, if you have one
  • in some cases, proof that you have enough moneyto support yourself (and your family members in Canada, if any are coming with you)
  • any other documents on the Document Checklist, and

your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report, if you included the results in your Express.

  •    Medical Report
  • Police Clearance.