Study in USA.

The USA is the country with the most universities in the world. Over 4,000 accredited colleges and universities offer a world-class selection of courses and qualified teachers.

For many, studying in the USA is the greatest dream. The land of unlimited opportunities also offers students everything their hearts desire.

Anyone interested in studying abroad in the USA will probably be inundated by a flood of information at first and will no longer know where to start because of the sheer amount of information. The most important information should therefore be listed in an orderly and clear manner in order to get a comprehensive overview of what you should pay attention to in the application process and when planning.

Why the USA?

Whether in a big city, beach or idyllic country life, the diversity of America becomes clear when choosing a university. American culture and the American lifestyle is something that many want to experience first hand and when do you have the chance to really live in another country? Whether it’s a semester abroad or full-time studies in the USA, there are many ways in which you can get to know this country up close. More than 500,000 students start studying abroad in the US each year. That incredible number alone reflects America’s popularity with young people. However, it also says something about your chances of coming to America. These are quite good, since partner programs and scholarships for the USA are well developed and you get the support you need if you only know

Land of Unlimited Possibilities – America has always been considered a land where dreams come true. This can still be the case today. Anyone who can get hold of one of the coveted study places has the opportunity to really get to know this country. What makes Americans really tick? How does American culture differ from German? You can then find out and discover all of this for yourself. The Americans are also very open and you will quickly get to know people and make friends. A trip to the USA is also an option during your stay abroad. You can visit all the great cities and places that you know from film and television and you will come back with countless impressions and memories.

Renowned Universities – Many of the best and most famous universities are in America. And even if you don’t make it to Harvard or Yale, you can still be sure that you’re getting a first-class university education in the United States. You can also study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the USA, in every imaginable area and subject. Regardless of what you are interested in and where you want to focus, you will certainly find a university in the USA that offers exactly the course you want. Many exchange students also rave about the great professors in the USA and the unique student life on campus.

World language – English is still the most important language in the world. In international relations and on all economic and political occasions, English is the language to be mastered. Studying abroad in the USA will perfect your own English and you will soon be able to speak it as naturally as your own mother tongue. This experience and skills are valuable assets when it comes to a job later. If you want to work for an international company or perhaps even completely abroad, you have the best conditions after a stay abroad in the USA.

The education system in the USA

The education system in the USA is a little more complex than that in Germany and at first glance seems very confusing. There are different types of universities and many different degrees. The over 4,000 accredited colleges in the United States include universities, colleges, community colleges, and technical colleges. The most common are Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, with the Bachelor lasting four years and the Master two years. In the USA, the bachelor’s degree is usually called “undergraduate studies”, the master’s “graduate studies”.
In the “undergraduate” area, you have the option of making your studies very broad, for example, you can also attend subjects that do not belong to your own course in the narrower sense. This gives you the opportunity to look at different topics first and to build up a broad knowledge, before you then specialize in “graduate studies” towards the end of the “undergraduate” program. As an exchange student you generally have the opportunity to attend lectures that are not related to the subject. In this way you can broaden your professional horizons and try out things that you might not have been able to prove in the strict Bachelor’s program in Germany.

The semester times in the USA are usually somewhat different than in Germany. The first semester starts at the beginning of September and goes through December or January and the second semester then lasts from January or February to May. Both semesters conclude with final exams, but often you already perform during the semester in the form of term papers and intermediate exams, so-called “midterms”. At some universities there are also trimesters or summer courses over the holidays. You should therefore inquire directly about the situation at the university of your choice or check the course calendar on the homepage.

There are more universities in the USA than in any other country. Choosing the right university is therefore not an easy one. You should of course go to your degree program and find out where this degree program is offered and which university is perhaps particularly well-known for it. You can of course choose where you want to live? In a bigger city or in a typical American small town? Would you rather go to the west or to the east coast? All of these can play a role in choosing a university. Those who go to the USA with an exchange program or through a partnership with their own university often only have a certain number of universities to choose from.

Some of the famous universities in the US are the following: