Study in Australia.

To study in Australia, to the other end of the world? Why, surely! Over 230,000 overseas students are currently enrolled in Australian universities. This makes Australia one of the most popular destinations in the world for studying abroad – and not just because of its excellent universities.


Australian higher education landscape

Australia is not only characterized by its scenic beauty and its laid-back lifestyle. It also impresses with its first-class university landscape . Currently there are in Australia


43 state universities , including two foreign universities and one private university

numerous state TAFE ( Technical and Further Education ) institutions

various private educational institutions such as colleges .


Quality assurance in Australian higher education

In Australia, the state is responsible for ensuring the consistent quality of the courses . Therefore the universities are subject to various laws and measures. These include


External quality reviews by the independent state Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency ( TEQSA )

Quality assurance measures for international students, such as the ESOS Act.

Universities that accept international students must follow strict guidelines in order to meet international standards. The measures taken by the Australian government are reflected in international rankings. There, the Australian universities regularly appear in the top 100.


The study system in Australia is based

Those who opt for a classic university course enroll at one of the 39 Australian universities. After just two years, it is possible to obtain an academic degree with the associate degree. The next higher degree is the Bachelor (undergraduate degree / 3-4 years). This gives you the opportunity to complete a master’s (postgraduate degree / 1-2 years) or with other postgraduate degrees, such as the Graduate Certificate (6-month advanced course for Bachelor graduates), the Graduate Diploma (12-month specialization course for Bachelor graduates) Graduates) or the Bachelor of Honors (12-month postgraduate course for Bachelor graduates).


Usually the academic year in Australia is divided into two semesters. Some colleges use a trimester system. The division of the academic year also affects the duration of the study.


There is no uniform grading system for assessing academic performance at Australian universities. The grading scheme can vary from university to university.


Tuition fees (vary according to course and degree):

Undergraduate: $ 10,000 A – $ 16,500 per year

Postgraduates: 9,000 $ A – 18,500 $ A per year (depending on the university, studying medicine can quickly cost more than 25,000 $ A per year.)