Looking for a tour package to Singapore?

Singapore is considered one of the top innovative countries with many tourist spots. Visiting Singapore is wonderful as you can do a lot of things as a tourist.

Every year millions of tourists visit Singapore and each year new hot spots arises. Recently they launched their fully automated Terminal 4 airport terminal. A new terminal that uses only computers. A better and faster way to avoid and skip lines and quickly check in at the airport.

What can you do in Singapore?

Explore the panoramic view from the Marina Bay view deck

Swim on top of the building in the most exciting infinity pool deck (for Marina Bay hotel guests).

Explore the Garden by the Bay, with the one and only indoor cloud forest.

Visit the exciting Sentosa Island

Experience Universal Studios Singapore!

Do a Night Safari Trip at the Singapore Zoo

Try all the street food stands at China Town Food Street (nicely designed with seats and strong ventilation)

Try the night life at Clarke Quay!

Shop at Biggest Street

Are you interested to book or looking for your next adventure in Singapore? What are you waiting for? We are ready to help you out and make a matching travel itinerary they you will love!

List of documents required for Singapore visa processing

  1. Bank Settlement (last 6 months) and bank solvency.
  2. Trade license for traders, including a notary copy with English translation.
  3. NOC letter (No Objection Certificate) from the office for the employers.
  4. Company pad and visiting card.
  5. Copy of Office ID card (for employer’s sake).
  6. Pictures.
  7. If there is a spouse with the National ID card copy, phone number and the merge certificate.
  8. Copy the birth registration certificate and school ID card with the child.